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Sari Bedspread

This Bedspread is produced with king indian silk and kantha quilt, it is moreover made with a kantha quilt for a soft, warm feel. The quilt is manufactured into a quilt top and we also create a blanket for it, this Bedspread is a valuable gift and a best-in-class addition to your home.

Sari Bedspreads

This quilt is hand made in the patola style with a blue quilt top, the quilt is produced of silk and offers a kantha blue quilt top. It peerless for a bed with surface, the quilt is likewise great for enthusiasts cold winter days. This handcrafted vintage silk Sari quilt Bedspread is a terrific addition to your bedroom, with its stylish white patchwork quilt Bedspread and stylish quilt bedspread, this bedding throw will add a touch of luxury to your room. This Sari Bedspread is an 80 x78 archive tape edition, it is fabricated of 100% genuine indian Sari fabric. It is embroidered and seamless with a black & gray embroidery the braid and design with a vinten age weave, it is a good quality Bedspread at a cheap price. The indian Sari Bedspread is manufactured of woven fabric and is with 80"x78" or with 80 x78", the Bedspread offers yarn and is fabricated to look and feel like other similar bedspreads from the vintage era. The Bedspread is manufactured color and offers yarn, it is manufactured of fabric and feels extremely soft and smooth. This Bedspread is a splendid addition to each home add-on.