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Mexican Bedspreads Embroidered

Our bedspread is hand made in mexico and features beautiful roses, with a description for :mexican bedspreads Embroidered keywords: needlepoint roses bedspread Mexican folk art twin handmade embroidered, with beautiful Mexican folk art twins! This bedspread is a beneficial addition to all home, and is an excellent addition to your collection.

Mexican Textiles Bedspreads

This Mexican textiles bedspreads abstract quilt bedspread is one of our most popular designs, it is manufactured with indian-made cotton fabric and provides a colorful textured quilt bedspread. The bedspread is a top alternative for a basic bedroom set or as an unique piece of art, this Mexican Embroidered bedspread is a fantastic addition to each room. With its vintage-looking bedspread and animals hugging the bedspread, this bedspread looks top-notch and is excellent for the summer, the coverlet is soft and comfortable, and the bedspread is top-quality for promotion of the living room's natural beauty. This is an 100 cotton quilt hippie queen size blanket bedspread, it is fabricated of 100 cotton quilt hippie queen quality fabric. Our bedspread is manufactured of 100 cotton quilt, it is a first-rate throw pillowing quilt for up to 50’s sleeping quarters in your home. The soft, cozy feel of the bedspread is agricultural and needs only half the amount of machine-made fabric as cotton, not afraid to pick up an it will pick up a bedspread.